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250427_783089508439046_4656017503881669021_nBollywood Dance Group ‚Ragini’, because this is the name the group had originally, established in May 2006. First the group’s repertoire was mainly based on Bollywood dance, enriched with elements of classical and folk dances.

However, to create a unique blend of energetic dancing to the rhythm of contemporary Indian music, choreography united later elements of several dance styles, such as not only Bollywood dance, Indian folk dance, modern dance and ballroom, but also extremely eye-catching and beautiful, classical Indian dance Kathak. The group changed its name to Indian Dance Group ‚Saathi „. Word’ Saathi ‚in Hindi means cooperation, joint action.

10805578_783091425105521_6073186145429854436_nCurrently, the group is called Saathi Dance & Events. Due to the enormous professional experience of team members in various fields of dance and beyond, the offer has now extended repertoire so that the scope of the group became even more abundant and more attractive. Dancers perform different styles like Indian dances, bellydance, modern dances, ballroom dancing, latino, burlesque and others. The team consists of six female dancers and three men dancers. One of the dancers – Artur Przybylski, currently is studying at Kathak Kendra, National Institute of Kathak Dance in New Delhi in India learning how to dance and perform from Pandit Birju Maharaj and Maharaj Mamta. Also, to get better, artists continually develop and take dance classes at other workshops.


Saathi is present in various Polish cities during festivals, cultural events, parties … Very often the group has a fixed, regular screenings such as at the Hilton Hotel in Warsaw at the annual Diwali Ball, in the Indian restaurants in Katowice and Krakow, at parties like Bollywood Party, New Year’s Eve and carnival events, of course, in NCK in Krakow, but also Saathi has visited many different places in Silesia and other.

Saathi has incredible energy which they want to convey to the public, a variety of dance styles is apparent to their passion and fascination with dancing. We cooperate professionaly

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